Schiffman Family Law, LLC
Palatine office is also available by appointment

(630) 468-2505        

15 Spinning Wheel Road Suite #122
Hinsdale, IL   60521     

Our office building as seen from Spinning Wheel Road facing north.

Our office building as seen from Spinning Wheel Road facing north.


Conveniently located on the Cook/DuPage county line, 15 Spinning Wheel Road is located just north of Ogden Avenue east of Salt Creek Road -- 

Our building is located on the east side of a multi-building office complex on the north side of Ogden Avenue between I-294 and York Road -- west of the Tri-State tollway I-294 and the first light east of York Road.

15 Spinning Wheel Road is in the Hinsdale Management Building accessed from, and just east of, Salt Creek Road (which is north of Ogden Avenue across from Chase Bank).

With highways I-88, I-55 (Stevenson) or I-290 (Eisnerhower) all connecting to the I-294 Tri-State to the Ogden West Exit we are easily reach as our street is the first right turn off Salt Creek Road coming into the office complex from Ogden.

Look for our office 15 Spinning Wheel Road between the Amita Health Cancer Center (seen from Ogden Avenue) and the 18-story Spinning Wheel Apartments just north of our building. (Hint: Amita Health, our office and the Spinning Wheel Apartments are the only three buildings on the east side of our street.)

Our second location in Palatine is on Northwest Highway, for the convenience of our clients in the northern suburbs. 

Palatine office available by appointment.