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It is unfortunate, but not uncommon, for orders of protection to be called on in divorce, or child custody and visitation cases. Unfortunately, family issues can turn into a need for legal action if you or your children are being abused by a spouse, ex-spouse or another party.

Physical, mental or emotional abuse against a family member or someone in your household is a crime under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. An order of protection can be filed by the abused to legally forbid the abuser from further abuse.

Schiffman Family Law will always keep your best interest in mind in a delicate situation such as this. If you are the victim of physical violence, threats or harassment, Mike Schiffman will assist you in filing an order of protection to provide security for you and your family.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, an order of protection against you can come with a number of collateral issues for you and your relationship with your children. Mike Schiffman’s experience in serving both sides of these delicate scenarios will help you determine your best next step.

If you’re dealing with an order of protection in Cook or DuPage County, call Mike at (630) 468-2505 for a free consultation to discuss your legal needs.  You may also send a confidential email by clicking here.