News on Children of Divorce:  82% of all children surveyed would rather parents separate than 'stay for the kids'  according to a report by the legal affairs correspondent in The Guardian.  The report goes on to say that "Most young people who have experienced divorce do not believe parents should stay together for the sake of the children, according to a survey by the family law organisation Resolution.

The poll found that 82% of those aged 14 to 22 who have endured family breakups would prefer their parents to part if they are unhappy. They said it was ultimately better that their parents had divorced, with one of those surveyed adding that children “will often realize, later on, that it was for the best.”  

Of course, Mike Schiffman stands by his commitment to his clients to pursue the option most appropriate to their own family's best interest. This is why he invites anyone contemplating a change in marital status to come in for a free one-hour consultation.  No matter what you decide, he believes, "An informed decision is always your best option."





                                             Illinois Chief Justice Anne Burke with Mike Schiffman

Schiffman Family Law, LLC in service to the community: Schiffman Law was recently the proud Bronze Sponsor in Chicago for the 2015 A Family for Every Child by Center for Law & Social Work Annual Spring Event.  As best explained on their website,  "The Center for Law and Social Work's (CLSW) mission is to create, preserve, and protect families. CLSW believes all families, regardless of financial circumstances, should have equal access to legal and social work services in order to remain stable and secure. Lawyers and Social Workers work together to help families in Cook County, IL with adoption, guardianship, legal back up planning, and clinical services for children and disabled adults."  

Schiffman Family Law shares their believe that services support the efforts best "Where families come first!" in providing legal aid to both children and their families.  Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, Anne Burke, was the keynote speaker, attending with her husband, Alderman Ed Burke, parents to five adopted children. 



Unsolicited Review of Mike Schiffman:  The nature of family law is highly confidential and can be very stressful.  We appreciate that at the end of the process our many clients are satisfied with their outcome and the guidance we had provided to them throughout this difficult and live altering process. We are proud to regularly receive new clients referred to our me by our former clients over the years.  We routinely hear recommendations from our clients like the following unsolicited review that had been posted to an online attorney directory.

"The Best"

Posted by a client, 2 months ago 

Overall rating: Excellent;         Trustworthy: Excellent;        Responsive: Excellent;   Knowledgeable: Excellent;        Kept me informed: Excellent

 called around before I went to Mike Schiffman for my divorce. I wanted a fair custody arrangement for our kids, and the issue of maintenance payments needed to be reasonable. The kids were still young so it would be years of family issues to consider. From the start Mike was so easy for me to talk to about what I thought I deserved. He really knows the Illinois laws and the judicial system. Once we began negotiations and entering orders, he nailed down every issue. He’s been doing this for over 30 years, and seemed to know everyone at court and was well-respected by all. Mike worked to get a settlement and save the costs of having to go to trial. When the other side wouldn’t agree, he did a phenomenal job representing me in court, too. What I liked best about him was that he was there for me, not like one of those big firm lawyers that’s all about billable hours and then passing clients off to first year associates. He really cared about me and my kids. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering divorce or having any related issues. I’ve needed help since the divorce on some other family stuff and Mike has helped me with other legal matters too. He’s super smart and a great guy to have on your side."

"I highly recommend Michael Schiffman!"


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Delivering items from his annual food drive.

Delivering items from his annual food drive.

Boxing up items from the 2016 Schiffman Law Toy Drive.

Boxing up items from the 2016 Schiffman Law Toy Drive.