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In divorce cases in which children are involved, child custody can be included in the divorce decree. The end goal of child custody arrangements is to ensure the best interests of the children.

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Child custody attorney Mike Schiffman represents both men and women through divorce and child custody agreements. We will work to ensure your parental rights are protected in resolving custody matters while helping to maintain healthy relationships for your children.

There are various types of custody agreements:

Joint custody is an arrangement in which parents agree to co-parent their child or children. A joint custody agreement can include physical custody, which determines which parent the children will live with and on what schedule. It can also include legal custody, in which parents share the decision-making rights about a child’s well-being.

Sole custody is when a single parent has full decision-making power for the child or children, including health, educational and religious issues. Sole custody can also include the physical custody of the children.

Child custody cases may also include issues surrounding child support and visitation. Child custody lawyer Mike Schiffman represents either party in a divorce proceeding in which child custody must be resolved, and work to represent you and your parental rights while keeping your children’s best interests in mind.

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