A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract. It outlines how marital assets and debts will be divided should the marriage end, whether in divorce or in death. It is sometimes used to protect the rights and assets of children from a previous marriage.

Many couples opt to have a prenuptial agreement in order to ensure that their property and assets are handled according to their wishes in the event of divorce or death.

Drafting a valid and enforceable prenuptial agreement requires thoughtful planning and very specific requirements from the parties involved. A proper pre-marital agreement will maximize your financial security and minimize future risks.

Whether you are considering executing a prenuptial agreement on your behalf of have been presented with one, Schiffman Family Law can help you craft an agreement that is appropriate for your situation, including:

  •         Premarital asset protection
  •         Tax repercussions of asset-division plans
  •         Estate planning consequences
  •         Protecting family businesses or professional practices
  •         Designating post-marital assets as separate property
  •         Protecting the financial security of children from previous         relationships 

A well-executed prenuptial agreement can save legal fees, court costs and heartache down the line if the marriage should end.

A post nuptial agreement follows a similar process and is much like a prenuptial agreement, but it is created after a marriage. This could be to revise an existing premarital agreement, to separate financial affairs for business reasons, or could be used in a troubled relationship to remove financial matters from a situation.

Family law attorney Mike Schiffman is an experienced prenuptial lawyer serving the western Chicago suburbs and can advise you in your own prenuptial agreement. His foresight and attention to detail will ensure your wishes are legally spelled out into a prenuptial agreement that is created specifically for you.