A post decree modification may be necessary if, after a divorce, one party’s needs or circumstances change after a divorce case has been agreed upon. For example, an agreement may require modification if:

  •         One party has a change in income that affects child support or alimony amounts
  •         One party wants to move out of town
  •         One party requests a change to custody or visitation agreements
  •         One part requests enforcement of court orders
  •         One party needs to defend against court orders

A post decree modification could change previous agreements about alimony or spousal support, child support or child custody and visitation.

Whether you are seeking a post decree modification or wish to avoid one, it is important to discuss your options with a knowledgeable divorce attorney who can effectively negotiate your case. If needed, family law attorney Mike Schiffman can help you reach a new agreement through negotiation and mediation and avoid further litigation. If your post decree issue must go to court, Mike will advocate for your rights and interests.

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