Holiday Gift Guide for your divorcing friends


When a friend tells you they’re getting divorced, it can be hard to know what to do or say. Of course, it depends on the marriage. If your friend is getting out of a toxic relationship you could feel relieved, but if you and your spouse were close with both divorcing spouses, it could be uncomfortable. In many cases, your friend will be upset. Giving a divorce gift can feel awkward–it’s not always a celebration, after all. But it can also help cheer up your friend during an emotional and stressful time. Here are some gift ideas that range from heartwarming to hilarious, depending on the circumstance.

For coffee- and wine-loving divorcees

Give your friend a mug or wine glass decorated with phrases to either make them laugh or give them a boost of self-esteem. Some mugs, like this one that defines divorce as “the first day of the rest of your life,” or this one that says “someone’s therapist knows all about you,” make light of a tough situation.

You could also get a wine glass celebrating the return to single life, and fill it with divorce wine. These bottles are cleverly decorated with labels reading “Free at last!” and “Divorce Party!.”

For mid-divorce friends

Is your friend still going through the divorce process and frustrated with her spouse’s antics? Get her this B.S. button, which she can buzz every time she wants to scream. Or, go for a golf ball that says “imagine this is your ex-husband’s face.” Harsh, but potentially therapeutic.

For single nights out

If your friend is commemorating divorce with a night on the town with friends, opt for these “Just Divorced” sunglasses, appropriately with dark shades as a sort of anti-rose colored glasses. Or, get a t-shirt like this one that says “...and she lived happily ever after (the divorce).”

For friends who are still coping

Not everyone will be ready to joke about their divorce or hit the town. For friends who are having a hard time, gift a book like “It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok” or “Crazy Time: Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life.”

Of course, nice chocolates, good wine, homemade dinners, and listening to them vent over a cup of coffee are all good gifts as well.

In some cases, pointing your friend toward a good attorney could be the best gift you can give.  If you feel it would be helpful you may join with your friend you come along for a a free one-hour consultation at  Schiffman Family Law. Mike Schiffman is a compassionate lawyer f that does everything it can to support and assist his its clients, whether they’re celebrating divorce or devastated. Schedule a free one-hour consultation with Mike Schiffman today.